Welcome to Grace Community Church in Prunedale, CA

Covid-19 Updates

New Church Guidelines. Must read and come prepared.

  • If you or someone in your household is sick, please stay home and watch the service online.
  • If you are in a high risk category, or have someone in your household who is at high-risk, we encourage you to continue watching online or reading printed copies at home.
  • Please park either in the parking lot and walk down to the field or drive down and park in a designated area with extra separation between cars. Please wear a mask until seated.
  • Ushers, wearing masks, will be helping you find your seat, 6 feet from other households.
  • We will be sitting in the shade or under awnings facing the parking lot. Lawn chairs are good.
  • Worship is scheduled to be over at 10:50. Approximately 15-20 minutes shorter than usual.
  • There is no children’s program yet. Children must not mingle except with their own family.
  • If you’d like to give an offering we have a locked box for cash or checks, or you can use the mail, give online at gccprunedale.org, or use the Givelify app right from your seat with your phone.
  • We will provide free bottled water for everyone who wants it. No other food or beverage.
  • All restrooms will be accessible one person at a time with 6 feet of spacing outside each.
  • Seating everyone may take additional time, so plan to arrive early if possible.
  • No Bibles or Hymnbooks will be available. You may wish to bring your own.
  • After the service, ushers will usher people out beginning with those seated in the front first.
  • “Off Limits” areas will be: (1) Classrooms; (2) Offices; (3) Picnic/BBQ area; (4) Play structures. These will be roped off with caution tape and appropriately marked as off limits.
  • Some of you will be eager to talk and connect with each other after the service. We encourage you to spread out on the game field and enjoy the fellowship. Please continue to maintain the minimum 6 foot distancing between household groupings. This cannot be stressed enough for the sake of our witness to the community.
  • Invite your friends and neighbors to worship with you.