Welcome to Grace Community Church in Prunedale, CA

Welcome to Grace Community Church – Prunedale

No Perfect People Allowed

Pastor Bill Hardman


Join Us for Outdoor Worship Sundays 10:00 AM

New Covid-19 Update – June 1st Update

We are excited to announce the reopening of GCC beginning with in-person worship outdoors on the game field at 10:00 AM on Sunday, June 7, 2020! Bring your lawn chair for best seating.

As of June 1, California is allowing churches to reopen if they adhere to “strict physical distancing, sanitation protocol and any CDC recommendations.”

That being said, we also know that there will be individuals who are not ready or able to begin coming back for worship services due to health risks.

We will continue our online music and message online on Facebook at 10:00am every Sunday. Printed copies of the messages and/or DVD recordings will be available upon request.

Review this list of things to keep in mind for Outdoor Sunday Worship!

Our Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series
Our current series is, “Father God”

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Hi there! Just a gentle reminder for anyone who forgets like I do...

This Sunday, Feb 28, tomorrow, we will be live-stream on facebook as we were last Sunday.
Stay home and live-stream the service on facebook if you can.
We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest changes, if any.


Pastor Bill
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Dear GCC Family, (Fri, 2.26.21)


Does God ever seem silent to you? Have you ever experienced a time, hopefully brief, where you cry out to God and He just doesn’t seem to be within earshot of you? Or maybe He’s taking care of the universe and is too busy for you today? Or who knows what? It just seems to you that God has turned off His device. He’s not taking your calls today. The silence is deafening. You can’t bear it.

Well, let me suggest you try something. Later tonight, when it’s good and dark, walk outside where you have an unobstructed view of the skies and the stars in the sky. Hopefully you have a clear night. That might be more likely right now due to winter and the cold nights. But just look up…

Psalm 19:1-2, The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

Are you listening? Do you hear it? They’re speaking loud and clear. To all who have ears to hear. To all who will actually listen. When they speak they don’t draw attention to themselves. They speak in such a way as to draw our attention past them. Beyond them. The stars are pointers. They are signs pointing beyond themselves to someone greater than they are. Pointing to God himself. After all he is the one who made them. The human tendency is to get distracted by the creation and miss seeing beyond to the creator himself. Read Paul’s writings, especially Romans, and you will see he agrees.

Nature tells us that God is real. Nature tells us that God is powerful. Nature tells us that God is an artist, and an extremely creative one. Not one star in the heavenly skies is exactly like any other star as far as we can tell. David here sings about how God reveals himself in nature. What he reveals about himself is powerful. In other passages we learn that the heavens have a significant role in revealing God’s purpose, God’s will, and especially God’s nature. And according to Paul, Romans 1, we are held accountable for how we respond to what we are hearing the heavens say. If we listen, we can hear it, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, from now throughout eternity. Wow!

Psalm 19:3-4, They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun.

I guess the heavens really are silent. David says they make no sound. But they do have a message. In that sense they have a voice and they do make noise of some kind. Maybe he means we sense it more than we actually hear it. It’s all inclusive. This message goes out to all. Everywhere on the face of this earth. Yet not all will hear it. And there is no excuse for missing it.

David mentions the sun separately for some reason. That may be because the sun is part of the larger heavens and all of it is displaying and communicating God’s glory. It seems that our human response has a tendency to go in the direction of opposite extremes. Either we ignore or downplay nature, and then neglect it. Or…we exalt it to god-like status and almost worship nature for itself.

Pray with me: Father, help me to appreciate the work of your hands enough to take care of it. Deliver me from the tendency to idolize it and miss who it’s pointing to. And to Your glory, which it reflects. May I have ears to hear. In Jesus name, Amen!

10,000 blessings,

Pastor Bill
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Hi there!

Our signs say "Outdoor Worship 10:00" but please ignore the signs for now. Sorry for the confusion.

This Sunday, Feb 28, we will be live-stream on facebook as we were last Sunday.
The expected high temperature Sunday is 65. That would make it between 52-55 degrees at 10:00. Sunny, but cold. So stay warm.
Stay home and live-stream the service on facebook if you can.


Pastor Bill
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